About me

My name is Helmut Hauser. I am a father of three little boys, a husband, a scientist, and a geek. I am Lecturer in robotics and I work in the new and exciting field called Soft Robotics. Currently, I work at the University of Bristol at the Department of Engineering Mathematics and the Bristol Robotics Lab. 

I am very passionate about productivity. I am striving to understand how to get things done in an effective and smart way. I seek to apprehend how to get focused, how to stay in the flow, and how to be highly creative with the goal to be remarkable – all without having stress. 

My tools are my brain, my Mac, and a series of incredible software written by really smart people. 

Over the last years I have read tons of inspiring books, I have followed insightful blogs, and I have listened to a plethora of great podcasts. However, most importantly, I have tested numerous productivity tools and techniques and applied them to my daily life as a scientist working in academia, as well, as being a father of three little boys. 

I have built my productivity workflows on a number of great tools and priceless advice from other people. They helped me to stay sane in a crazy and stressful world.


"Now it's time to give back!"